June 22nd, 2017

Rebooting with Animals ~The Journey 6/21/2017

(morning view from Curley’s barn)

Everything in the universe happens for a reason, I truly believe that. I had seen a coyote on our steps yesterday morning at 5 am. I decided that I need to start sleeping with Curley in her barn as she’d be easy prey. Especially since the coyote was a pup, which means a mother is teaching her pups to hunt so it would be a pack of them.  For those that don’t know Curley, she’s crippled when she gets upset goes in circles and falls.

What most people don’t know is for a year I’ve gone back and forth on getting a cabin to put out in Curley’s area where me, Curley and my dog would sleep tonight. Providing more safety for her and allowing me to live with the animals allowing me to strengthen my relationship with them making the Rebooting with Animals program even stronger.

For anyone new to Rebooting with Animals it’s simply finding peace in animals by allowing them to be our therapist. It is under Sunrise Sanctuary and the animals we work with are there as well as other places. Our animals are at peace due to the time we spend with them and we teach them it’s ok to be peaceful with humans no matter what humans may have done to them before.  It’s all natural, there’s so much animals can teach us if we just listen! Rebooting with Animals opens up that world so you can listen and allow them to teach you in several ways.

I’m now sleeping in Curley’s barn so I’m spending the night with her and some of the others when I get out and check on things and walk through the barns. They like it when I’m here and they let me know it. These animals are my family and have taught me the things Rebooting with Animals is about. Sure, I’ve taken classes that opened those doors more for me and I have one more to complete then it’s time to open the doors for others, people like you.

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