October 15th, 2017

Rebooting with Animals ~ The Journey 10/14/2017

Life is a journey. You have to grow with what comes your way. Rebooting with Animals has been like that. It started as a small goal to help some animals and people. Then I started training for it and it’s grown. Taken on a life of it’s own like a sun that is setting. Or maybe more so a sun that’s rising. As I’ve grown II find I’m¬†becoming the Phoenix rising from the ashes. While studying the coursework to do the therapy I’ve realized how many directions it could go. I’m currently at a training seminar and it’s opened up roads and made me realize just where the journey is going. One of the best parts of the journey right now has been to learn to heal you have to heal.¬† Now, I’m open to wherever the journey may take me.

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