Curley Says “It’s Funny to Watch These Two!”

“I laugh when I watch these two. Aiden (the orange and white) likes to chill a lot and Gyspy always wants to play. Their conversation goes like this:”

Gypsy “Aiden get up I want to play!”
Aiden “Just five more minutes Gypsy.”
Gypsy “That’s what you said five minutes ago and the five minutes  ago before that!”
Aiden “I need a cat nap.”
Gypsy “That’s all you do besides go outside. You’ll feel better if you play with me.”
Aiden “Just five more minutes.”
Gypsy (eye roll)

Curley Says “I Love My New Toy!”

“My Auntie Sandy gave me this new toy because I love to lay on big stuffed toys. I don’t have it packed down yet so it took awhile to figure out how to get in just the right position to sleep with it.”

Curley Says “I Had to Laugh!”

“It just struck me as funny to see Panda (my friend) scratching an itch. I guess it’s the way he’s standing there. Did you know that goats use their horns to scratch their itches too?”

Curley Says “Steers are Nosy!”

“I like to watch the steers in the pasture. They are nosy though. Especially when the music plays. When Mommie Janet and I are jamming they come and look at us through the fence or gate. Mommie Janet says they like the music too. I think they’re just nosy!!!”

Curley Says “Meet My Friend Woody”

“Woody comes to my gate everynight and we ‘talk’ Most people don’t realize how social goats are. We need friends and companionship. Mommie Janet spends alot of time with me too. She always reminds me she has to spend time with other family members too. I don’t like to share her alot even though I know they need her too. I’m trying though and Mommie Janet says that counts for alot!”

Curley Says “Rowan is Getting Big!”

“Rowan the steer in the front is getting big. They all grow so fast. Mommie Janet was telling me about cows and I was surprised they only sleep about four hours a day. I told her I think Baby Moo sleeps more than that as he lays down alot. She reminded me that we don’t always sleep when we lay down. I guess she’s right as I don’t always sleep when I lay down.”