Curley says “Standoff with Cats”

Curley says “Yesterday I had a standoff with the barn cats. They wanted my time with Mommie Janet and when she’s with me I don’t share. She says I need to get over my jealousy, but I just can’t. She’s busy alot, so when’s she with me I want her to just be with me.”

Curley says “Yesterday was a sad day.”

Curley says “Yesterday was a sad day. Julie, our oldest pot belly pig at the sanctuary crossed over the bridge. Auntie Mindy and Mommie Janet were there with her, they said. Mommie Janet said they gave her fruit salad before the vet got there. That’s one of her favorite. She was the nicest pig I ever knew. She wasn’t scared of my wheel chair when she was out grazing. The rest of them are scared of my chair and sometimes nip at it. Mommie Janet was sad last night so we spent some time together. I don’t like seeing Mommie Janet sad so we just laid on the office couch together.”

Curley says “I Can’t Help Getting Jealous!”

“Mommie Janet has been really busy but we’ve been spending alot of time out in my wheelchair too. The last few nights she’s been doing some things with some of the other family members too. I don’t mean too but I get really jealous. Sometimes I won’t even talk to her when she comes into be with me. Like when she pets one of the cats. I like the cats but I don’t want them taking attention from me. She always tells me she has enough love for all of us, but I worry she’ll not have enough time for me. Well, not as much time as I want her too anyway.  She took a picture of me so I could see what I look like jealous. It did make me think that maybe I’m taking time from myself sitting over there rather than with her. Mommie Janet says I glare when I’m mad and after looking at the picture I guess I do, but I’m still cute don’t you think! I’ll post more later it’s almost breakfast time.”

Curley Says “I wanted to add some of the pics from Mommie Janet’s computer”

Curley says “I just wanted to share some pics I like from Mommie Janet’s computer”

“The first two pics are me out strolling. Mommie Janet takes pics of me all the time. She spends alot of time with me. She says I’m going to walk again.”

“That’s Panda, my best friend, he’s always into something. The llama looks like she’s up to something too in the first pics. Kinda looks like she got caught in the act. She was probably going to spit on Panda.”

“That’s our new calf. He is cute, but I’m not sure about him yet. He stuck his head in my pen without my permission. Wesley, our giant steer,  is already teaching him how not to wait for hay as you can see in the 2nd pic.”

Curley Says “Did you know animals don’t speak your language?”

Curley says “Sorry I haven’t been on for a few days. It’s been nice out and we’ve been outside. Mommie Janet’s been with me and doing stuff with the other animals and around the farm that we’ve been waiting for warm weather to do.

Did you know that animals don’t speak your language? We speak and react to feelings and emotions. We don’t like negative emotions, but we love the positive ones. So, if you’re around an animal and it acts a little aloof check what you’re thinking. Because whatever you’re thinking will come out in your feelings and emotions.”

Curley Says “Mommie Janet has gone nuts.”

Curley says “My Mommie Janet has gone nuts. I’m hiding all my stuff and her dog Missy said she’s doing the same. She’s bagging stuff up to get rid of. She told Missy that it’s part of living as a Minimalist. She told both of us once we have only the things we need we’ll save money and have more time together.  I’m still hiding my stuff until I’m sure it’s going to work like that.”

Curley Says: Today is the best day to begin, join us.

Curley says “Mommie Janet and I were talking yesterday about how life is a journey and we’re getting ready to undertake one and she explained it to me. So, I thought I’d share it with you.

Mommie Janet said Rebooting with Animals for her is more than just helping others heal by opening themselves up and letting animals show them the way. It involves an entire life change as her life belongs to where we’re  at and the family members of all species here. Animals have healed her of things she’s gone through so this blog will be about her journey as well as others. But, her journey isn’t over yet. She wants to share her journey of continuing to improve and heal with the world and hopefully help someone out there.

She said spring is a time of new beginnings so there’s no better time to begin. We’ll be showing the other peoples journeys that become a part of Rebooting with Animals as well. Mommie Janet’s journey sounds like alot of work to me and I have a feeling it’s going to involve me and more therapy for me too.

So, since I borrowed the laptop without permission let me get to the point. Mommie Janet said her journey with Rebooting with Animals will involve three main things for her personally (though she’ll still be helping others with their journeys, both animals and people) The three things she’s going to be focusing on is becoming one with all species, removing all toxins for her diet (she said no more junk and all organic) and starting to live as a minimalist. She said no more junk in her mind, body or her surroundings. She said for her that will help her achieve her ultimate healing.

Come along with us on the journey of healing.