August 1st, 2017

Rebooting with Animals ~ The Journey 8/1/2017

Why do we make life so complicated? In the course I’m taking it opens your eyes to how complicated we make life. We even complicate our decisions. Why do we do that? We can take such simple things and turn them into major decisions. Take for example grocery shopping. How many times have you gone to get something from the produce section and took more than a minute to decide which one to get. Our mind is trained to pick out the ripe one so usually the first one we go after is the right one. Why not take that first one instead of going into a major decision making process? We even complicate stress. When we start to get that feeling instead of telling ourselves I’m doing what I can or this is something I can’t do anything about I’ll just have to let it play out we can take natural stress and push it into full blown stress overthinking by going through all the what ifs. Where if we just calm our minds and then make the decision we need too we’ll make a much better decision. Take a step back. If you need to go outside and look at nature. I love sunrises, sunsets and animals. They calm me. Breathe in, breathe out and let the solution come to you. It will if you allow it too.

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