August 23rd, 2017

Rebooting with Animals ~ The Journey 8/23/2017

I look at all of nature and think about how everything works together. Even the seeds, soil, rain… Then there’s the animals and how they live together. There’s an intricate balance that I wish we as humans could find.  If we would just come together, work together and embrace differences rather than judging them we wouldn’t need wars or any kind of conflict. When we had issues we could sit down and just talk them out. We could help our brothers and sisters in need and learn from each other.  It’s not too late, why can’t we start today! Let’s work together to find solutions to make this world a better place instead of a world of conflict.  Let’s be more like animals!

“Animals don’t hate. They aren’t racist or intolerant. Let’s be more like animals…”  ~Luke Westerman, Director Westerman Family Foundation


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