October 20th, 2017

Rebooting with Animals ~ The Journey 10/20/2017

Rebooting with Animals is my passion and purpose in life. When I started it I planned on this small simple animal therapy program but it’s become so much more. As I started training everything I was learning made the program take on a life of it’s own. At first I fought it, as like everyone else I like to have control of where I’m going with something. But, everything I learned laughed at my boundaries knowing where the energy of everything I was learning was taking me.

I just got back from training in Long Island, NY with my mentor/teacher from England. I got to talk one on one with him and his partner and I finally realized where this is all going. Where all the work and studying I’ve done and will continue to do for the rest of my life is taking me. As I’ve learned the journey will continue with changes… but I’ll grow with each of them. And I’ll no longer fight wherever this leads me. And I’ll stick with my purpose.

I feel like I’m like the moon where the clouds try to cover me where people think what I’m working on is impossible. No matter how they may try to hide me or convince me it can’t be done I’ll shine through that much brighter. ~RWA



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  • Mindy

    Beautiful! I am eager to learn more!!! ?

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