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April 8th, 2017

Curley Says “People Say I’m An Animal So I Don’t Feel, So How Come I Feel Love and Want to Give Mommie Janet Kisses”

“I hear all the time that people think beings like me can’t/don’t feel. I feel pain when I’m hurt and it feels better when Mommie Janet and the vets fix it. The pain even feels better when Mommie Janet just holds me. I feel things like love toward the rest of the Sunrise Family. I love some of them more than others, isn’t that a range of emotions? I love kissing my Mommie Janet good morning and good night and just talking to her sometimes. She gets me! So, how is it I don’t feel?”

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  • Elisa Wolfe

    Mommy Janet, you have the best intuition about the needs of
    animals. Curley is so lucky that you are in her life. I really believe
    she knows you communicate with her in a special way. Sunrise
    Sanctuary is the best.

    Reply to Elisa Wolfe

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