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April 10th, 2017

Curley Says “Change of Seasons”

“Mommie Janet said it’s finally the change of seasons and took me to my outdoor area yesterday. I had fun but really didn’t want to stay there last night. She said this way whenever I want I can just go outside and eat my grass and lay in the sunlight, which I like. I likeĀ it here but more of the family come visit me at my other stall. She calls it my bad weather stall. She made an outside office and spent most of the day with me, Missy (her little dog) and Bruce (our crippled duck.) Some of the other animals did come by to see me, just not as many. Mommie Janet said they just don’t know I’m back here yet but they’ll come. I didn’t want to go in the house so she carried me in and laid with me til I was ok. As soon as she left I went out and laid by the gate, I didn’t want her to leave. She told me she had to take Missy up to the house, feed her and get her ready for bed. At 3:30am this morning when Mommie Janet got up and let Missy out she saw I was still by the gate so she came out and carried me back in the house and laid down with me til I went to sleep. She always tries to make me feel better. I heard her stop to talk to Roscoe too, he’s having some problem with his feet. I was too sleepy to get up and look, but I know she made him feel better too.”

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