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April 17th, 2017

Curley Says “What a Week Last Week!!!”

“Last week was non-stop. I was sick so Mommie Janet even had to stay with me one night. I might have to have that happen more often. Besides that the sheep and llamas got their hair cut off, the farrier did the horses feet working extra close with the ones that were having some issues, Mommie Janet and Auntie Mindy went on duck rescue and brought three little ducks home. We also had Open Barn Day on Saturday. After Open Barn Day was over we were all tired. Sunday we all laid around and slept. Well, Auntie Mindy went to work and Mommie Janet and Auntie Sandy were doing some things around the farm. I saw Auntie Cammy with her friend too. They cleaned the barns yesterday. I do feel better now. Mommie Janet always makes me feel better, I like it when I get all that extra time and it was nice having her in my barn at night.”

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